Boy Scout Handbook - 14th Edition. Newly updated in 2019. The Boy Scout handbook is the go-to resource for all Scouts and is a BSA requirement.

Class A Scout Shirt – The “Class A” Boy Scout Uniform Shirt is to be worn to all Troop Meetings. The only exception would be PT (physical training) meetings where a “Class B” shirt can be worn instead. This shirt can be short or long sleeved. There are several styles/materials available to choose from.​

Class B Scout T-shirt - As mentioned above the "Class B" is an alternate uniform shirt reserved for special occasions, PT or community service outings.  Some scouts choose to wear their Class B under their Class A.  This allows for scouts to save their Class A from getting damaged should a game of Gagaball break out.  Class B's will be issued by the Troop after registering and Troop Dues are paid.

Boy Scout Shoulder Loops – These green Boy Scout Shoulder Loops are sold in pairs and are worn one on each shoulder.

Merit Badge Sash - A Scout will inevitably need a place to put all of their Merit Badges.  For this you will need a Merit Badge Sash.  They come in two sizes, we recommend getting the larger one.

Patches – The scout shirt comes with an American Flag patch already sewn on. You will need to purchase a few more patches to be attached to your Class A scout shirt. Some of these patches are determined by your Scout Council and Troop number.


For Troop 12, you will need to purchase the following:



Once you are assigned to a “non-alpha” patrol, you will be given a patrol patch.


Please read the following guidelines for patch placement from the BSA Website:

Options and helpful tips in attaching your patches:

  • How To Sew On A Scout Badge - a blogger and scout mom shows that you really can sew on a patch quickly and easily. It's so easy, you can teach your scout to do it himself! See More

  • Badge Magic - Badge Magic is a peel and stick patch adhesive that is guaranteed to not come off in the wash. It is available at the Scout Store, several retail stores and online. See More (Badge Magic official site)

  • Velcro - For those patches that get changed often (such as Scout Rank patches) a strip of Velcro attached to the shirt makes switching out patches quick and easy.  Here is a source for pre-cut Velcro. See Here

  • Plastic Emblem Holders - Like the Velcro, plastic emblem holders would be used to display temporary patches such as those for Scout Rank, camp patches, etc. Available at the Scout Store or online at ScoutStuff.org.  These are completely optional.


Uniform Accessories:

  • Neckerchief (provided by Troop)

  • Hat (optional) - Will need some type of head cover when outdoors

  • Scout Pants or Shorts (optional) but recommended.  Are required for advanced camps such as NYLT

  • Scout Socks (optional)

Where To Purchase


Scout uniforms, patches and merchandise can be purchased from the Scout Shop in Denver or online at ScoutStuff.org (The official retail website of the BSA).


Frederic C. Hamilton Scout Headquarters and Scout Shop (Denver Scout Shop website)  10455 West 6th Avenue, Suite 125, Denver, CO 80215


Headquarters Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Scout Shop Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM and Saturdays 9:00 AM-3:00 PM


Or online:

ScoutStuff.org  (official online retail site of the BSA)

AScoutIsThrifty.com  (If your son is growing like a weed take a look at uniforms that are gently used)

The Equipment Trader  (Another great used scout gear site)