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We have tried to supply you with some basic information below on  Should you come across somethings that you feel should be added or corrected please let the webmaster know so we can get it corrected.



  • There are a ton of great features in and it is an ever evolving tool.  However, some of the features are not quite polished enough or we have better tools in place currently.  The main focus for Troop 12 and is to more easily communicate your scouts progress in the program as well as provide a digital and easy to use place to store his records.  This can be more easily correlated to a digital version of his White Binder.

  • As advances, introduces and improves different components of the tool Troop 12 will evaluate if that feature should be incorporated into our program.

  • is on the road to becoming a great tool for leaders, parents and scouts!  So, if you find a neat feature or an easy way to do something or come across a fellow parent not as familiar with the this tool please share it.  Take a few minutes and show other Troop 12 members how it helps you and your scout.