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Summer Camp 2021

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In true Troop 12 fashion we have adapted, overcome obstacles and are now planning our Summer camp at Camp Alexander just outside of Colorado Springs in the Eleven Mile Canyon recreation area. This is a camp that the Troop has used before and the older Scouts that attended previously are the ones that enthusiastically recommended another stay.

We will be going the same w

eek that we had planned previously, 7/25-31 (this time we won’t need the extra day front and back for travel)

Another positive is that this camp is quite a bit less expensive than our previous choice;

Camp will cost $430 per scout

Camp A offers a classic Summer Camp Experience with camp supplied tents on platforms, a mess hall and a full complement of advancement opportunities including “road to first class” and the following Merit Badges:

Art, Basketry, Leatherwork, Pottery, Woodcarving, Rowing, Kayaking, Lifesaving, Canoeing, Swimming, Astronomy, E Science, Fish & Wildlife, Forestry, Geology, Mammal study, Nature, Weather, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Archery, Rifle, Shotgun, Camping, E Prep, First aid, Indian lore, Orienteering, Pioneering, Search & Rescue, Wilderness Survival, Climbing, Cycling, Geocaching, Hiking, Movie making, Photography, Welding

The Camp also offers a High Adventure Program for experienced Scouts that have been to several Summer camps and are not looking for Merit Badges. The option has the Scouts camping separately from the rest of the camp and following their own program. While this program has not listed an age requirement as you can see it will involve

strenuous activity

The cost for this option is $490

A typical schedule for a week at High Adventure is as follows:

Sunday - check in at Camp Alexander and meet up with other Outback participants and staff. Get acquainted with one another.

Monday - Acclimatization day*. Participants will spend the day hiking on and around Camp Alexander and hiking to the top of Blue Mountain to get ready for what is to come later in the week.

Tuesday - Rock Climbing. The group loads up and heads to Colorado Springs where they will meet professional guides & our friends at Front Range Climbing to climb in Red Rocks Canyon Open Space.

Wednesday - Pikes Peak. Participants get an early start and head to the trailhead on the West side of Pikes Peak. This trailhead starts at around 10,000' and winds up the mountain topping out at 14,115'. This day requires participants to be in peak physical condition. The route is about 15 miles round trip and will leave you exhausted and fulfilled. And before you ask, no, we won't be taking the train or the highway, but be sure to bring some money to buy those World famous Pike's peak donuts.

Thursday - Mountain Biking. You should come to camp already knowing how to ride a bike. None of the biking will be dangerous or technical, but the higher elevation will make it seem tough.

Friday - Whitewater Rafting. The crew loads up early and heads to Canyon City to meet up with our partners atEcho Canyon Rafting Adventures for a full day of rafting on the Arkansas River.

Saturday - Back to reality...

While each day includes a central fun filled activity, each evening includes lots of down-time in order to re-energize for the next day. Be sure to bring a good book, favorite campsite game, or even your fishing gear and Colorado Fishing license.

Sign up Details

Upon Signing up your Scout’s account will be charged $50 which is due immediately.

The balance will be due on the following payment schedule;

1/14/21 $95 ($110 for High Adventure)

3/4/21 $95 ($110 for High Adventure)

4/4/21 $95 ($110 for High Adventure)

5/5/21 $95 ($110 for High Adventure)

5/19/21 Merit badge fees if any, these are unknown at this time

Should you choose to pre-pay all or most of your camp fees our Treasurer would be most appreciative

Payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to another Scout participating in this activity (which would allow for a credit to your account). Should your Scout qualify for a refund based on Camp policies you will be refunded upon receipt of the refund from camp.