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Fall 21 Fundraising


Calling all Scouts! Our Fall Fundraiser is here and we need your help to make it successful.

For the Fall Fundraiser we will be doing BOTH Aerations and Sprinkler blowouts.

The Aeriation requires Scouts that are 14 & over due to the physical nature of using the machine.

The Blowouts will be less physical and that's why we have more slots available to younger Scouts.

The Spring Fundraiser saw Scouts earning an average of $25 per hour served so this is a great way to build up your scout account.

Please sign up quickly as we will start marketing our services very soon and will need teams ready to fulfill our customer requests. The more teams we have in place the more aggressive we get with our marketing.

As a reminder- THIS IS WORK. Older / larger Scouts will break a sweat using the Aerating machine. Younger Scouts will be expected to be active in the Blow-outs, sweeping dirt plugs or actively canvassing the neighbors trying to get additional jobs.

When signing up please try to fill out time slots before starting a new one. When we get to the actual work part of this- the shifts that have complete teams will be the ones that get assigned jobs. If there are not enough team members or jobs for a given shift it will be cancelled (usually 1-2 days beforehand) with any participants receiving an email to that effect.